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Lets eat!


Waiting to get started

That's right!

Great performance

Checking things out

Mr. Awesome!

No - say it like this!

All aboard!

I know what you mean.

Mrs. Judy's class

Totally cool!

Mr. Carl's class

In Mr. Carl's class (right side)

Challenge week winners!

In Mr. Carl's class (left side)

In Mr. Carl's class (middle)

Challenge week winners!

Mrs. Tina's class

Mrs.Susie's class

Mrs. Susie's class

Mrs. Susie's class

Mr. Carl's class

Mrs. Judy's class

Coloring project

Chow time!

The Food Crew!

Using chopsticks!

Getting the hang of it.

I'm no singing. Are you singing!

We are all singing!

Clapping to the beat!

Lets Go!

Holding the Christian Flag together

Certificates from Mrs. Susie

Three Singing Stars!

Oh yeh!

All of the Week Challenge Winners

Having fun!

Certificates from Mr. Carl

Fun presenting certificates

Now that was funny!

Brother Earl & Brother Carl

Welcoming new friends

Holding the American flag

Try not to smile!

Just having some laughs!

More fun singing

Teachers leading the group

Oh yeah!

Joe Cool!

Arguh! a girl



Getting into character


I am not looking at you!

No more paparazzi!

Super Star